Sal Valentinetti is an American rising singer. He is also known as Jazz Singer. Sal achieved various awards through his successful career. The most recent earned award is “American’s Got Talent,” with a fifth position. We have discussed earlier, he is a rising singer. It is expected, he will earn more awards in the future.

Sal Valentinetti: Biography

Sal Valentinentti was born in New York on 25 August 1995. Sal released his first hit song, “My Way,” which is based upon his life. He was awarded the Gold buzzer from Heidi Klum. He joined the “Patchogeu Theatre,” working with them. He became following and generated a high amount of followers.

Total Net Worth: $5.5 Million

He started his successful career in the small town of Bethpage, New York in singing crooner type music. He was motivated by his grandmother to singing well. Locally, he begins singing in the streets. He possessed great passion in the music industry.  God gifted him with a good voice. He sang their first song “Mack the wife,” asked by his instructor. Everyone liked this song, and he became potent. He became famous for performing great performance.

Sal Valentinetti: Profile

Name:                                       Sal Valentinetti

Date of Birth:                        August 25, 1995

Nationality:                            New York, USA

Ethnicity:                               White

Age:                                            24 years

Total net worth:                   $3 Million

Wealth Sources:                   Singer and Actor.

Sal Valentinetti: Body Features

Sal Valentinetti height is around above 5 feet 07 inches 1.96m and weight 78 kg 171 pounds. Valentinetti has a  smart, handsome and perfect body build. Valentinetti eyes color is light brown. The body is perfectly covered with white skin. The most famous and handsome actor whose hair color is black.

Sal Valentinetti: Upcoming Shows

Sal Valentinetti most featured upcoming show, “IPLAY AMERICA,” coming on 8Th May 2020. This shows held on Freehold NJ a most joyful & interested shows will held upon.

Sal Valentinetti: Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Sal Valentinetti is $3 million. He earned about 90% of their income through his successful career in the music industry. He gave audition in “Americal Idol,” which allow him to makes perfect money. He was awarded the best singer award of American idols. He developed more potential to sing well.

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Sal Valentinetti Joined the Television Competition Series, “American Got Talent,” is working as a pizza delivery man. He performed great performance in this series and got excellent income. He became popular in the US TV series. It said, “Talent rise from the Sal Valentinetti.” He won the best cash price. It is estimated over 10 million viewers watched this drama in the USA. He generated $25,000 from this TV show.

Sal Valentinetti: Lifestyle


Travelling is considered always his passion. Sal Valentinetti has personal luxury cars like Bugatti Chiron and Porsche Boxster car. He spent about 40% of their successful career income on cars.


Sal Valentinetti has a dream house in Newyork, which worth is $1.5 Million. It covers a distance of 1100 square meters which consists of seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an auxiliary kitchen, a fireplace, a cabana pool, and a wide lawn.


Sal Valentinetti has a beautiful short family included his mother (Macaroni), and beautiful girlfriends Sara, Letoya, etc.