Kevin Bigley is an American most popular film TV star actor, writer, and composer. Kevin appeared in the EMT Brian Czyk on the USA Network series Sirens. Kevin appeared in the most upcoming movie The Wretched for being a TY.

Kevin Bigley: Biography

Amy became a top-rated actress perform feature works in movies and TV shows concerts. Kevin recently appeared in the Angry Birds (2016) movie a most popular movie which breakthrough through the records of the film industry.

Total Net Worth: $7 Million                   

Kevin Bigley was born on October 5, 1986, in Yuba City, California, USA. Kevin began acting career with television serials. Kevin studied at DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. Kevin started acting career at the San Francisco. Kevin appeared in the “Killer Joe” musical theatre, made a great performance.

Kevin Bigley: Profile

Real Name Kevin Bigley
Nick Name Kevin
Date of Birth October 5, 1986
Nationality American
Age 34 Year
Profession Actor
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $7 Million
Height 6 ft 1 inch (1.88 m)
Weight 65 kg (138 lbs)
Eyes Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black

Kevin Bigley: Networth 

Total Estimated Net Worth: $7 Million. According to the gross report of 2020, Kevin Bigley’s total estimated networth depends on the film, TV shows, and various concerts. It is estimated Kevin’s net worth increased by about 20% of their recent worth, which is about $5 Million in 2019.

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Kevin appeared in the Vince Vaughn being and Pilot actor. Kevin interested in the theatre industry, he joined various theatre dramas. Kevin made a film The Dilemma (2011) that appeared in the TV & Film acting series including Dilemma (2014) Bones, CSI Miami, and Chicago. Kevin pursued an acting career in joining USA TV Networth series Sierens.

Kevin Bigley: Lifestyle


Kevin’s bought a small and beautiful house for $5500k that was built on the level of California.  Kevin’s house consisting 2 acres Including 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, with a pool of water. This house is built in a beautiful and wonderful place to look at.


Kevin has expensive cars including BMW, Range Rover, etc. Kevin’s spent out their 30% of its income on traveling with cars.


Kevin’s family included Father, mother, a small sister. Kevin’s father is a hard worker, a mother is a housewife. Kevin’s small sister is studying yet now.


Kevin Bigley made an affair with Allegra Edward and Zainab Johnson. These are the best friends of Kevin’s. Kevin decided to keeps the relationship for long terms with them.