Justin Verlander is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros. He mostly played for Major League Baseball (MLB). Verlander played in MLB for the Detroit Tigers in November 2017. Justin played his own time considered the top-level winners Player of the 2017 World Series, gaining a victory over the LA Dodgers. 

Justin Verlander: Biography

Justin Verlander was born on Manakin Sabot on February 20, 1983. Justin was much interested in games from his childhood. Justin took the first step intake part of the Baseball Academy. Justin produced his most successful season in 2011. Justin is the legend 114th pitcher in major league history to earn 200 career winning points.

Justin Verlander$95 Million

Justin played in MLB debut on July 4, 2005, with a great score of 0–2 with a 7.15 ERA in his only two starts of the season. It was the first experience for an outshine career with 300 strikeout season and won his second Cy Young award in 2019. Justin made his major league debut with the Tigers in 2005. Justin became the key figure in four consecutive American League and World Championship in 2014.

Justin Verlander: Profile

Name:                                     Justin Verlander

Nick Name:                             Jas, Justin

Profession:                             Professional Baseball Player

Current Age:                           36 year

Date of Birth:                         February 20, 1983

Marital Status:                       Married

Nationality:                            American

Ethnicity:                                White

Gender:                                  Male

Total Net Worth:                   $95 Millions

Justin Verlander: Awards

2 x Cy Young Award (2011), American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player Award (2011), 9 × American League Player of the Week award (2006), Babe Ruth Award (2017), Players Choice Award (2008), Triple Crown (2011), MVP Award (2009), American League Rookie of the Year (2006)

Justin Verlander: Body Features

Verlander height is around above 6 feet 05 inches 1.96m and weigh 102 kg 225 pounds. Justin has a  smart, handsome and perfect body build. Justin’s eyes color is Black. The body is perfectly covered with white skin. The most famous and handsome actor whose hair color is black.

Justin Verlander: Net worth

Justin’s total estimated net worth is $95 million. Justin considered the best record-breaker award earned since 2019. Justin signed the first contract with The Houston Astros for a two-year, $66 million contract extension in March. Justin’s second and huge contract signed a 7-year $180 million contract with the Detroit Tigers. Justin ranks the second position among active pitchers in games won, behind only CC Sabetha.

Justin’s Wife: Kate Upton Wiki’s

He was awarded the Gold Medal three times for the Crown. Justin earned the two times to earn a silver medal. His monthly income is at least $60 million, which he earns every month. Justin highest generated income in 2013, his. became the highest-paid pitcher in the league history after he agreed to the terms of a seven-year contract with the Detroit Tigers worth $18k million.

Justin Verlander: Future career

Justin is a very good player in baseball. Justin has shown such good performances since the time since started the Baseball game. Currently, Justin playing in international leagues and world cups. According to his dream, he wants to become the world top-rated baseball championship player. He played with the world-class victor teams.

Justin Verlander: Lifestyles


Justin has like best expensive collection Audi 8, Luxury z, BMW 9, Festa, Mustang, etc. Justin has invested 44% income at least Such a very brilliant car collection.


They built a huge house which is 6,475-acres house in Manakin-Sabot, a large US city, meaning he no longer lived in the house but bought the house for $ 6.3 million. It had seven bedrooms with a kitchen a lawn.  The placement of the house is very placement very brilliant and good.


Justin Verlander started a relationship with Kate a most successful actress since 2014. They got engaged in 2016. They thought about a successful relationship for the long term. So, Justin Brooks Verlander got married to Kate’s in 2017. Later on, a most beautiful baby was born Genevieve in 7, 2018.


Justin’s family is not big enough to have a brother, father, mother, wife, and daughter Genevieve. Justin’s father’s name Richard a top resident of the local Richmond. He has a beautiful brother a Ben Verlander. Justin’s mother’s name Kathy Verlander.