Jacqui is an American top-rated model. Jacqui worked in the film industry since 2007. Jacqui holds British Citizenship. Jacqui became a model for various film and news industries. Jacqui made a great effort for achieving a successful career. She appeared in various music shows, dramas, films, commercials, and Newspaper advertisements. Jacqui became a role model for the film industry.

Jacqui Ainsley: Biography

Jacqui Ainsley was born on November 28, 1981, in South end’s Sea, England, UK. Jacqui is graduated from Essex University for accounting.  She was interested in modeling for a successful career. Jacqui started modeling a professional career in joining a special college event. Jacqui first signed a contract for a modeling agency, “Premier Model Management,”. Jacqui performed the great performance an achieved a successful reputation.

Total Networth: $10 Million

Jacqui appeared in video gaming models: King Arthur, Legend of the Sword, Prince of Persia, etc. She worked with various agencies like Heffner Management, Stars People, Elitz Model, etc. Jacqui spends most of their time in USA Newyork.

Jacqui Ainsley: Profile

Full Name:                  Jacqui Ainsley

Nick Name:                Jacqui

Current Age:              38 years

Ethnicity:                     White

Date of Birth:             November 28, 1981

Profession:                  Modeling

Marital Status:           Married

Jacqui Ainsley: Body Features

Richie’s height is around 5 feet 9 inches 178.4cm and weighs 54 Kilograms 119 Pounds. Richie is a slim smart, Beautiful and perfect body builds. The Ritchie eyes colour is Dark Brown. The body is good perfect covered with white skin. A well-liked most famous actor whose hairs are blonde.

Jacqui Ainsley: Networth

Jacqui Ainsley earned a total estimated net worth is about 10$ million. Jacqui became a successful model for Aladdin Cartoon in DISNEP Channel. Jacqui earned about their 30% income through Newspaper advertisements. 

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Jacqui appeared in various magazines and earn a successful income. Jacqui worked with magazines: “You Magazine”, “GP Live”, “Night & Day,” “Tatler”, etc. These are successful magazines which she ever had been worked. Jacqui signed a contract for modeling agencies: “Flair Model”, “IQ Models”.

Jacqui Ainsley: Lifestyle


Jacqui has very expensive cars Rover vogues, Mercedes Class, etc. Jacqui spent a varying amount in cars.


Jacqui has just built a new home in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, worth 8 million and it contains about 5.687 acres. It had 6 large airstrips, a small Children park, and a large water pool.


Jacqui became the girlfriend of Darius Danesh, the most famous idol pop star since 2002. They became separated because she was interested in Ritchie’s.


Jacqui makes a relationship with Ritchie’s since 2010. They have a total of three children: Rafael (born 5 September 2011), daughter Rivka, (born 29 November 2012) and son Levi (born 8 June 2014).