Emma Stone is the most famous American actress. Emma is the highest-paid actress since 2017. Emma received the global award in the same year. Emma is being featured as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Emma performed the best performance for the comedian actress. She breakthrough the records of comedian competitions achieved great success.

Emma Stone: Biography

Emma Stone was born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Emma Stone started acting career at the age of 4 years. She was first joined the television a “Reality Show,” in 2004. Emma performed first performance on the stage, acting a debut role with The Wind in the willows, playing the part Otter. 

Total Net Worth: $28 Million

She performed the starring role, which nominated her for the BAFTA Rising Star Award. She became a famous film star and nominated to take Golden awards. Emma achieved more popularity in performing the role movie spider man amazing ion 2012.

Emma Stone: Profile

Full Name:                  Emma Stone

Nick Name:                 Emma

Current Age:               31 years

Country:                       USA                                  

Ethnicity:                      White

Date of Birth:              November 6, 1988

Profession:                  Actress, TV Comedian Star, Celebrity

Marital Status:           Engaged

Emma Stone: Body Features

Emma Stone’s height is around 5 feet 6 inches 168.cm and weighs 52 Kilograms 114 Pounds. Emma is a slim smart, Beautiful and perfect body builds. Emma’s eyes color is Dark Brown. The body is good perfect covered with white skin. A well-liked most famous actor whose hairs are blonde.

Emma Stone: Awards


  • Young Hollywood Award (2008)
  • MTV Movie Award (2009
  • Teen Choice Award (2012)
  • People Choice Award (2013)
  • Best Academy Animated Feature Award (2013)
  • Kid’s Choice Award (2015)

Emma Stone: Networth

Total Net Worth has an estimated $28 Million. Emma failed to earn above $10 million in 2018. Emma Stone is the highest-paid actress since 2017. Emma’s hefty payday makes up 65% of her $10 million net worth. Emma’s joined the reality show, charge per show of  $1.5 U.S million. She signed a contract for the first movie the Spider-Man Amazing. 

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A spiderman movie breakthrough the records of the film industry, allows Emma’s to earn $15 million. Later on, she signed a contract with, “Mervil La La Land,” which took her way to up in this year is the highest-paid celebrities.

Emma Stone: Lifestyle


Emma stone’s house is a beautiful and biggest lush greenery house in Beverly Hills, California worth $2.5 million bought this house in 2012. 


Emma prefers comfortable cars over a famous luxurious and special sports car. Emma’s have Mini Cooper and Audi s6.



Emma’s met with Andrew Garfield a co-rated start during the production of Spider-Man movie in 2014. Emma’s got engaged with Dave McCurry a most talented comedian start since 2017. They made a great relationship, a story revealed that they will get marriage in 2022.


Emma has a strong family a mother (Krista Jean Stone), father  (Jeffrey Charles Stone), a paternal grandfather (Conrad Ostberg), Younger brother (Spencer).